The Weirdos & Creatives Collective 

Changing the world one Video at a time! 

You can't be taught to be Weird or Creative, but these skills can be channeled into storytelling and personal development and that's what we're all about!


The Weirdos & Creatives Collective have spent the past 2 years producing UGC for the e-learning market. Working with the award winning series Ready to Run creating authentic video experiences for English Language Teaching exclusively for the DLA. The Digital Learning Association. 


We’ve taken the best of broadcast, vloggers, and YouTube to develop effective and entertaining ELT learning resources. Each video is tailor-made in line with the CEFR framework and comes complete with a suite of supporting materials. 

Through the program we created a remote workflow managing global teams from pre production through to final delivery. Using unique interviewing techniques via zoom and cloud based systems for final edits and compliant paperwork. 

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We offer media production courses and 'Boss Your Life' coaching sessions for individuals and media companies.

Due to COVID-19 we have taken all our courses online check them out HERE