Do you want to 'Boss Your Life'? 


“Pamella is an amazing mentor and cheerleader. I attended a course with her last April, with the intention of getting back into TV. Less than a year later I’m “bossing” my own life, and working within the industry. I highly recommend it. Thank you for the confidence boost!”

We offer 4 x 1 hour session via skype.


Alongside practical advice and tools, I will guide you to reveal your true self-worth and my support won’t end after session 4!


I want to ensure you are applying what works best for you to maximise your true potential.

Checking in on your progress in both your career life and wellbeing.  


The Sessions

Session 1 - Your Life Budget

Session 2 - What's your Worth?

Session 3 - CV Surgery

Session 4 - Getting you ready to ‘Boss Your Life’!*


*4th session face-to-face at our central London office if preferred


Decide on a routine that works for you

A - One session a week over a month

B - One session a day over a week

C - 4 sessions in one day

‘Are you Ready to Boss Your Life?’

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