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"Weirdos & Creative’s work on our vlogger e-learning series has definitely moved our business to a stronger place. We’ve got a proven video creative partner now who can meet our standards in this format. The product they’ve made is far away the most popular stuff on our platform, getting thousands more views than anything else. They really understand how to make content that people want to watch."

Stephen Haggard, DLA Director 

In this video, Bokang goes to the Fourways Farmer’s Market in Santon, South Africa to sample some fantastic food. The market has a wide selection of food ranging from different kinds of meat, fruit and vegetables as well as sandwiches and juices. She takes us around the market to different stalls, including a juice stall and a stall that makes chicken sandwiches. She encourages her audience to go try out their local food markets and sample food just like Bokang.

In this video, Sammy gives advice on tips on how to feel more confident. She struggles with her confidence sometimes, but she explains small ways to help lift your mood and be more of a confident and brave person. Sammy explores different methods such as standing up straight, talking loudly and clearly and dressing boldly and brightly, making sure you feel comfortable. She explains why you should never apologise for being yourself and why you should try to smile more. What makes you feel confident?

In this video, Nat tells us about her first trip to Paris and the top five things she did with her friends. Nat’s trip covers the key landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, but also some less typical experiences that you can have in Paris like visiting a market along the River Seine. From shopping, museums and bookshops, to sampling the local food and exploring the best art galleries, Nat takes us with her on her visits to the best parts of this city in her 72-hour trip.