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"I've loved my Sunday 'Boss Your Life' sessions with Pamella - I've learnt so much more than I thought I could. My confidence with aspects of my career that I was unsure of has now rocketed (budgets were always daunting but now I feel like I can tackle the task with the knowledge I've learnt) and having someone to bounce off with ideas and general life skills and mottos was not only super helpful and enlightening, but also a whole lot of fun. Thank you for everything!"

Lucie, JPM

“Pamella is an amazing mentor and cheerleader. I attended a course with her last April, with the intention of getting back into TV. Less than a year later I’m “bossing” my own life, and working within the industry. I highly recommend it. Thank you for the confidence boost!”

Bella, PC

“I took the steps you mentioned in our sessions and have connected and set up zoom calls with actual recruiters in the industry I want to transition into!” 

Angelina, PM

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‘Are you Ready to Boss Your Life?’

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