Weirdos & Creative Collective Training

"Ready To Step up Up to Production Manager?"

Our Media Production Manager Course is designed to offer you the best tools, advice, templates and networking opportunities to empower your career success within the creative media industries!

TV & Online Production Manager Course will offer the very best information on the below subjects: 

Cost Reports 
Callsheet, Clearance, Carnets 

How to negotiate your rate and working hours?

How to manage your well-being in the media industry? 

And much much more! 

Delivered by Pamella Bisson with over 18 years experience working as Production Manager and Producer for media companies such as:  The BBC, Channel 4, IMG Media, Red Bull Media, La Liga, Premier League, Fremantle UK, Capital FM, Jump Off.TV and The Olympics…to name a few!

‘An Empowering comprehensive look at TV Production and knowing your worth!’

Kate Production Coordinator (The BBC)





Through our mentorship, our clients have been offered jobs at various media production companies and organisations including:

Red Bull Media - Production Manager, Producer, Editor, GFX

Premier League Productions - Production assistant, Studio Runner, Football Logger

BBC online - Producer, Editor, Camera

We as a company take great pride in ensuring that all of our Weirdos and Creatives are left feeling empowered, educated, informed, and ready to achieve their media career goals


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