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"Do you want Boss your media production life and expand your production manager knowledge?"

If you’ve missed our courses you can now access it online and download it in your own time...

Our Exclusive Step up to Production Manager and Boss Your Life Online Course!

Is available today!  

We are endorsed by ScreenSkills and have been successfully running courses for the past year.

We will offer the very best information on the below subjects: 

Emotional Intelligence 





Cost Reporting

Production Paper Work

And much much more! 

Delivered by Pamella Bisson with over 18 years experience working as Production Manager and Producer for media companies such as:  The BBC, Channel 4, IMG Media, Red Bull Media, La Liga, Premier League, Fremantle UK, Capital FM, Jump Off.TV and The Olympics…to name a few!

"An Empowering comprehensive look at TV Production and knowing your worth!"

Kate, Production Coordinator (The BBC)






“This course was everything I needed to gain confidence in what I am already doing in my role, and in what I will have to do in the future. Fun, enjoyable and an incredibly engaging host in Pamella, who shares so much of her knowledge and experience. An excellent way to stay in work mode during lockdown!”

Lucie, JPM Freelance

"I am better informed and I found the course very thorough"

Marilyn, PM BBC

“Energetic and very helpful in covering important areas in production. I have been on other Production Manager courses but this was by far much useful and better!”

Yasmin, PC Freelance 

"The W&C PM course is fully packed with information and practical exercises such as scheduling and budgeting which prepare you for your journey into production manager's role"

Giedre, PC

The session was very useful and enjoyable, good budgeting and scheduling exercises very useful tips!’

Radvile, PC BBC 3

The online course features: 


❗️Practical media activities and tasks


❗️Digital media workbook with lots of resources and activities


❗️Exclusive access to a private media Facebook group


❗️Full access to media course materials forever