Are You Ready to Step Up To Production Management?

During my first year as a Production Coordinator I was told:

“If you stay loyal and working with us*”

*Insert: 60 year old media company

“It will take you approx 18 years to step up from Production Coordinator to Production Manager”


Sure there can be many variables as to why someone would make such a statement…

  • They don’t believe in your talent or ability

  • They focus on weakness as opposed to strengths

  • Its the company policy

  • Unconscious bias

  • They had personal reasons on why it took them 18 years to become a Production Manager.

I speak to approx 50 PC’s a week all looking to further their career and step up…

Many are looking for that next networking event, new job role and over all that next step up to Production Management!

Those working full-time for a media company are often sidelined or stuck on a 7 year belt before they can step up, citing reasons such as :

“Lack of experience” - How many more years until I am an expert Production Coordinator?

“No more budget for a Production Manager” - I am across 45 projects on a thin budget/crew why?

“PM Tracy has been in the role for 18 years and isn’t leaving yet” - Will Tracy be equipped to train/support me in my step up?

“Let’s review it in 6 months time” - sure, same email I’ve received for the past 4 years!

Well I’m not sure if you’ve heard but the UK media industry has been experiencing a lack of Production Coordinators? *

*Work Foundation 2018-19 annual report namely in HTV, Unscripted TV VFX and Film sectors.

I also have empirical evidence speaking to talent managers and recruitment teams from production companies, indies and broadcasters - and they are all in agreement that finding a Production Coordinator today is very challenging!

It got me thinking and a few questions appeared...

  • The current generation are not waiting for 5 years to gain experience but diving in?

  • The multi-skilled freelance movement both from media companies wanting to save money in their budgets and freelancers maximising their financial options?

  • Technology enables us to create budgets and schedules so PCs are up-skilling a lot faster?

  • Companies are still in the dinosaur age and not allowing Production Coordinators to step up so they leave to become freelance PMs?

What are your thoughts?

Gulp!&$^%£$@ continued from above!

Well …I stepped up to Production Manager in said company in just under 2 years.

This inspired me to create a course to empower those who want to further their media skills, build their confidence and truly step up to Production Manager!

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