"For The Love of Black Girl Magic"

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Ever had that experience when chills run down your spine and the hairs on your arms stand to attention?

Well I experienced this in abundance on Wed 16th Oct 2019!

@Shannieloves sent me an email a few weeks back inviting me to speak at her ‘Girls Talk’ event hosted by Vapianos. To speak about my journey and challenges as a female and what I attribute to my confidence. Shannie’s is Chief Talent Officer at The Elephant Room and truly bossing-her life!

For those who don’t know my name’s Pamella Bisson and I’m an introvert.

I have had to work on myself to truly build the confidence to speak to people on mass about my life experiences and this is now my life mission - to ensure women understand that they are truly the CEO of their lives!

I arrived super early to prepare and met @Swarzymacaly and Sandy Siitwa whom were also speaking about their life experiences.

The Girls Let's Talk event as a whole was magical I delivered a 20 minute speech, we had phenomenal goody bags, amazing sponsors supported the event Cantu, PopSocket, Skiddle Music UK, RedBull, Bourne Natural, Wingstop UK, good food and laughter but I’m going to fast forward to the end...

It’s about 23:00 and I’m surrounded by a group of highly intelligent tuned in black women who held incredible stories about their lives to date. But I had to work to discover their great talents... a few introduced themselves as name and just at uni, name and I want to know how to get into the media industry. Whoah slow down ladies I stated how’s everyone feeling, has any one asked how I’m feeling?

Shall we check in on where we are located?

They all laughed and said of course ...

We did this exercise of location and everyone’s shoulders relaxed, faces beamed with smiles and we were all now ready to dig deeper into conversation.

What I heard was incredible… future AI specialists, women with 3 passion projects a family and studying for a MA, CEOs, trend setters, DJs Hosts, Voice Over artists, HR assistants, Project Managers travelling the world the array of talent was electric. What connected us all was our passion to navigate ourselves in a system here in the UK that wasn’t built with black girls in mind!

They all listened tentatively to my many stories and challenges of working as black female in the media industry- it felt like a modern day campfire experience in the centre of concrete London.

I shared many tips and gave direct personal advice to the young women see below a few of the highlights…


You brush your teeth daily personal hygiene right? How are you ensuring you are managing your mental wellbeing? What is your daily mental hygiene routine?

I do the below every morning



Meditate (Dao Kung Fu Style)



Always start conversations/introductions with the human connection before going straight to business mode. Especially if this is someone you’re meeting for the first time. This will ensure you truly connect with the individual and understand where they are located before jumping into your pitch. This will lead to more fruitful engaging conversations and a deeper understanding of the persons need. Ensuring you are communicating in alignment.


Build a F***You fund invest save £$£$, this will ensure you are safe of any potential life challenges. Your are your own super hero no one is coming to save you! We are accountable for our wardrobe, what we are going to say next and we need to be accountable for our financial decisions. Begin by reading and talking openly about your finances it needs to be a reality in your bank and not a myth disguised in designer garments!

Until the next ‘Girl's Lets Talk’ event do me a mini favour and Boss Your Life!

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