How to fight COVID19 in the media industry?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

During this time of uncertainty in health across our nations there are many things you can do to protect yourself and future proof your media career!

There are a lot of facts and stats on what this virus will mean for businesses, freelancers and TV productions.

This article isn’t about these points!

I’m going to share with you how to look inwards during times of challenges and embrace what’s in your control!

  • Continue to grow your network. Liaise with people in your network. Say hello, send an email, pick up the phone and converse. Discuss future project or discuss if you are valuable to them remotely. Set up a zoom chat if meetings aren’t possible.

  • Support others in and outside your network. Open up your network to anyone who post their challenges. Connect them with people in your network and be brave to reach out to those who connect with you but you’ve not had the pleasure of working together

  • Hone your skills read about your role and industry. Check in on what your role entails internationally and connect with overseas talent managers.

  • Attend ONLINE courses! Use this downtime to up-skill, up-skill, up-skill! Expand your network and create lasting relationships.

  • Pursue your passion projects, writing, drawing, attending coding courses. Create a positive environment whilst you work towards your next job role. This will ensure you maintain positive energy and a healthy immune system.

  • Think positively and manage your health. Mediation, Youtube workouts, FaceTime friends and family.

I understand the pressures of life circumstances, family, bills, rent, mortgages.

You can decide to stress about this or decide to use your energy to future proof your skills and talents so when the pandemic is over (or even before) you can be ready to flourish.

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