How to manage your wellbeing in media production?

So I am often asked as a Production Manager you’re first in last out right? On location in the office on set in the studio?

How do you manage your time, you have to be a beacon of everything right?


I've been in the media industry for over 17 years working in theatre, online, radio and TV. Across many different genres and roles. The secret....

Is to see your career goals as a whole picture, Where would you like to be? What role or area are you most passionate about? These questions will then enable you to make sound decisions about your next move.

I worked on a fantastic series called Dub-plate Drama for C4. Often 18 hour days with 5 hour sleep before the next shift ...I did this for 3 months!

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do this but I loved it! I learnt a lot was working with a great team and it served its purpose in my career timeline.

Would I do this again probably not, I’ve acquired enough experience to negotiate what works best for my current life and career goals.

Wellbeing is paramount but we are all made up of different energies and how we chose to direct those energies will determine the outcome. Sickness, depression anxiety can all be a reflection of our wellbeing and how we are looking after our mental state.

Ask yourself ...

After a long working TV shift does drinking alcohol provide the nutrients to replenish your immune system?

Gossiping about your studio co-workers is adding what value to your life?

Complaining about your work life is a perpetual circle of doom!

Some tips to ensure your wellbeing is not compromised whatever stage of your media contract:

  1. Research research research, the company and it’s history, check all socials and read any news pertaining to the company

  2. Call and speak to others in the company and ask about it's culture, how they are treated etc (do they take pets and do you have a poodle that needs an office!)

  3. If in an interview ask what will my first 100 days look like? (This answer will speak volumes, are they organised, do they know the answer and how will this impact your skill sets?) Remember as well as you being on a 3 month probation it works both ways. Ensure to put the company on a 3 month probation and in that time if they don’t meet your expectations of wellbeing or otherwise then you can also terminate your contract within the notice period as agreed!

  4. Evaluate how you are feeling at the end of each day/week etc (journal this so you can review your feelings, when you’re not filled to the brim with cortisol)

  5. Manage your time according to your skills (I’m an early bird and am the most productive in the AM so I ensure to do all of my most difficult tasks early doors before my team arrive) Take regular air breaks (refrain from joining the smoking team and take a brisk walk)

  6. Never compromise your health, regardless of the £££, size of the company or otherwise!

There are approx. 300 million companies (give or take ;) in the world and there’s only one of you!

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