Is it worth spending money on a short course?

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Production Manager Short Course 2019

The Weirdos and Creatives Collective have been delivering Production Manager Courses for the past year and we are often asked what are the benefits of doing a short course?

In short - (no pun intended) they are flexible, swift and adds a sparkle to your CV - short course can be the game changer in your media career!

If you are deliberating over taking up any short course, read the below to know exactly what they are and how they can influence your career.

A quick way to learn: if you want to learn something new in a short period, then taking up a short course in that field is the best option.

You can also take up such courses online, as they are easily accessible and flexible. These courses also allow you to work full-time or part-time

Advantage at the workplace: taking up a short course while working will show your employers that you are taking an initiative to learn and improve yourself.

This could even help you in landing a promotion or a hike in salary.

Flexibility: short courses give you the freedom to study anywhere and anytime as per your schedule.

These courses can be taken up any time and can be adjusted around your work hours.

Career development: these courses will provide you with work-related skills that will help in furthering your career and will also help you to:Obtain specialised skills related to your profession;Enhance your CV;Keep abreast with the latest trends in your profession;Establishes connections: studying short courses will help you in interacting with compatible individuals and people from multiple backgrounds.

This would help you in establishing connections, which could be of assistance to you in your professional life in the future.

Broadens your scope: If you have some free time at hand, taking up a short course can be a good way to make use of that time.

You could learn something new or obtain a new skill that will help in furthering your career.

Overall, taking up a short course will help in expanding your horizons.

Costs less than a university degree: applying for a short course is an excellent method to learn something new and it would not cost you as much as a university degree

Helps in realising if you want to work in a specific field: you might want to change your professional field, but do not want to take the plunge as you believe it is risky. In such cases, you could take up a short course in the field you are interested in, and see if you enjoy studying about it. If that is the case, then changing your field would not seem to be a big risk. 

Don’t wait or over think - book that short course today!

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