Race...You Choose?

A recent friend of mine called me in disbelief! She read an article that confirmed she is experiencing racism in the workplace and hadn’t noticed it.

She spoke calmly…

“my peer who does a similar job as me receives £1,000 more than me!”

“I thought it was because I wasn’t great at my job then I discovered ...

"a very junior staff member who has less responsibility get’s paid the same as me!”

"They are both white"

The short answer to my friend : Stay Mindful & Boss Your Life Always!

This conversation inspired my article...

Companies are currently posting their support for black people...

Friends are sharing their solidarity for black people...

Strangers are showing grand displays of understanding for black people...

News outlets are sharing the donation charity links for black people...

This collective mindset made me think ...

Companies are you aware of diversity of thought and how this affects your culture?

Friends are you supporting your black friend’s start ups and local businesses?

Stranger are you working on your unconscious bias?

News outlets ...I don’t see victims?

I’ve worked in the media for over 18 years and truly love offering my experience, and listening to how people are navigating the industry to maximise their happiness.

As a black woman I have encountered extreme racism in my personal and media life...

Indirect Racism

Pamella : Hi, I was advised to speak to you about the producer working on my new programme?

Production Manager: Sure her name’s X

Pamella: Great, I need to speak to her about something urgent, what does she look like?

Production Manager: I don’t know she’s just black?

Pamella : That’s interesting why do you say that?

Production Manager: (in a extremely uncomfortable demeanour) I’ve got to go now !

Micro Aggression Racism

Producer: Hey Pamella what gangsta hip hop are you listening to today?

Pamella: Why would you ask me that?

Producer: (in a extremely uncomfortable demeanour) because I thought this was something you’d be down for?

Pamella: Oh why?

Producer: ((still in a extremely uncomfortable demeanour) ) errrm because your people like that sort of music!?

Pamella: Who are my people?

Producer: I’m just asking a question you don’t need to get so defensive!

Pamella:I’m also just asking a question, the difference is I’m actually truly present in this conversation, not sure if you are shall- I too shall assume you only listen to Vivaldi!

I’ve argued, I’ve questioned, I’ve walked out.

I’ve worked with media clients..

Who tried to touch my hair in a meeting - I said no that’s not acceptable and has anyone ever asked to touch your hair, when you dye it red or change your style?

Questioned my experience after accepting my creative brief - I explained I’ve relayed everything as per my last emails and conversation, we either work together or move on. They apologised and took my brief!

Told me what colour scale I fit in -

Executive Producer:

You’re not black Pamella, you’re just white with a tan right? I choked on my lunch.

I have endured racism and everyday I wake up and look forward to my day, my next project and how I can empower others to Boss Their Lives!

And now I have a secret to share...if you are open to receiving...

The key to Bossing Your Life as a black woman in the UK...


You choose what news information you allow into your brain

You choose what energy you focus on

You choose what information you retain

You choose what you want for your life

Basically You Choose ...

Is it your job to educate ignorance, unconscious bias or to consume it and allow it to consume your day?

You have one life and if you choose to use it to overturn a racially charged system I totally respect your decision.

You have one life if you choose to use it to better yourself daily, be kind to others and create your own system that aligns with your sensibility I totally respect your decision.

You have one life ... what will YOU CHOOSE to do?

A huge thank you to John D. Saunders for creating All black illustrations. They can be purchased from Black Illustrations.

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