Two proven ways you can truly ACE that interview!

I have attended approx 200 interviews in my media career and have always nailed the ones that mattered. Namely as Production Manager...this got me thinking. Is there a formula to closing that interview?

Could I detect a pattern?

I had a great formula to getting the interview - that worked almost every time! (I will share in another post)

After a few years of research I came across the answer. The things that can truly ensure you close that interview and win your dream job....drum roll please..

Your are competent to do the job

You want the job

Sounds straight forward right?

There are of course many factors outside of your control when it comes to bagging that Production Manager role. HR have already sourced someone in-house, they are looking for men, women, etc!

How do you show the above...

Competent - ensure you take the opportunity to state the skills required for the role in most answers where possible. This will unconsciously be fed to the interviewer through the conversation and solidify you as a top candidate.

You want the job- ensure you research the company and come prepared with strong questions. Again pepper your conversation with your knowledge as this will show how keen you truly are to get the role and the effort you took to understanding the company.

What is your top interview tip? Share below ...

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