What are your tiny HABITS for 2021?

I have over 20 years hands on experience in the media industry, across many time zones and learning is still my top self discovery priority!

In 2019 I listened to 1 audio book a week for a whole year

That equaled to approx 535 hours of listening and 52 books of learning

In 2020 I invested in over 50 online courses;

Wing Chun

Positive Birthing Company

Wellbeing in corporate land

Pixar storytelling

Get Your Script on TV

Train the Trainer

Coaching Courses

Investment Courses...

Video: Weekly Wing Chun lessons with my Sifu from The AWA via ZOOM. My 3 month old supporting my health goals ;0

In 2021 I'm currently doing a online Yale University course, booked an aromatherapy program ...

See below my top tiny habits to create BIG healthy lifestyles...

Pen top 5 topic matters that excite you then;

1. Source online courses forums and social media groups and join them

2. Set a yearly goal of when and how many courses you’d like to attend in your topic matters

3. Ensure to share your experiences in your forums and expand your human network

4. Add the courses to your professional platforms CV, LI etc and

5. Repeat!

Learning opens my mind to more possibilities, it helps invigorate my well-being and also ensures me and my team deliver quality courses!


"The breakout sessions to discuss with others have been really useful - been interesting to talk to others after so long not connecting with new people and a step out of my comfort zone. Pamella's analogies have stuck with me too (letting one bad moment ruin your day, being like water etc.) nice reminders and a bit of wisdom that is easy to recall and remind myself of whenever needed"

Hannah, PC / Screenskills Course

"It was great to do training with people from a variety of backgrounds and I loved how participatory and engaging it was in spite of being online. It's the best online training I've done"

Charlotte, PM / BECTU Course

"Really enjoyed the whole course and gained a better understanding of the skills involved in stepping up in a production career. The networking aspect was very beneficial, it's great to hear people's stories and experiences and make new connections in a time where meeting new people is difficult!"

Claire, Producer / Step Up to Production Manager course

"I particularly enjoyed the break out groups section - as someone at the entry-level stage of my career, it was so valuable to get the chance to chat to people about their work and career paths, so thanks again!"

Emma, Freelancer / Step Up to Production Manager course

"Hi Pamella, Thank you so much for offering the workshop! It really was a dream to attend it! I have received the goodies and am looking forward to using the templates and links."

Anja, Film student / Screenskills Course

The Weirdos & Creatives have had the pleasure of delivering the below courses and webinars

Boss Your Life : Managing Up!

Boss Your Life : Negotiate your Rate

Boss Your Life : Dealing with difficult people

Boss Your Life : Being-Well

Boss Your Life : Unconscious Bias

Being Human in the workplace :

dealing with racism and challenging situations at work as a bystander!

Step up to Head Of Production!

Get Your Script on TV!

Step Up to Production Manager!

Are you Diverse?

Tailored for...



Royal Television Society coming in FEB 2021

To name a few and we will be working with MORE amazing companies in 2021!

If you’d like to know more about how a Weirdos & Creatives Course can..




..your media team then email the Weirdos & Creatives Team today to discuss your needs!

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