What's the secret ingredient when starting out in the media industry?

Updated: May 7, 2020

Hey Guys, 

It's Portia the owner of Truee Essence. I thought before I shared my secret, that I know you're intrigued by, here's a little introduction about me. 

I am originally a East London girl living in the North as of the last 6 years.  I am currently working for a facilities company called CBRE and one of our big clients, which I work directly for is Google. As of the end of May, I will be no longer working for CBRE and I will be trying to transition back into TV.

I worked in post production a few years back but now I want to focus on production to work towards becoming a producer. In between all of that I want to use the platform I am creating with Truee Essence to promote more positive and uplifting content. What a better place than here doing the two things I love the most, spreading more uplifting content and networking myself back into the industry... SO without further ado let the post begin.

When I first started as a runner, I worked in a well established Post Production company, I was grateful because it was my first full time job in the industry. I was told that I would be doing the odd weekends and nights shifts, (whilst still receiving my standard minimum wage), at the time I didn’t think much of it because I was under the impression that it would be occasionally.. I mean my contract did say occasionally.

Honestly it did start off as occasionally, but as time went on the once so ‘occasionally’ became every 2 weeks. The night shifts would be Monday to Friday 22:00-7am with an additional hour paid as overtime on my Friday night shift. Often the following Monday after my set of nights, I would be expected to do; 7am start with Tuesday off then back on Wednesday off Thursday to work Friday and through the weekend. Then I was told I would be moving to support another site temporarily. At first I was happy to have a break, but much to my surprise I would have to do nights on the weekends in this new site.

As you can imagine I was exhausted, constantly having routine up and down not having much time for myself or social life. I was also in my early 20’s dealing with the general transition of quote on quote becoming an adult with friendships and relationship changes.I wasn’t happy, feeling healthy or comfortable with this work routine of mine. I was pretty much miserable and at the time I felt I couldn’t speak up, being a runner at “entry level”, I didn't want to be the difficult one and also the idea that you are easily replaceable set heavy in my head. At this time it was not so easy for me to notice I was out of alignment with my well-being. I was young, It my first job in the industry and most of all missing the knowledge of the secret ingredient… Self Love.

Now at this point in my life and even writing this, I realise I used the excuse of being a runner and my desire to make it, as a deflection to my lack of confidence and self love, which in turn allowed a company to take advantage of me.

Now let me make this clear, I am not saying to go into your runner job and expect to be paid big bucks or that you won't have challenging days or you won't sometimes have to do a bit more workload than expected. But when you have this synchronisation (alignment with your wellbeing), you can flourish better in your work life as you know the difference between working outside of your comfortability and not being fearful of your voice and value that you add to the company (you’re not easily replaceable). Sometimes we can blank ourselves and prioritise the work life to think this will make us successful within our jobs and falsely create an idea that this will give us a better work life. Truth is to be successful within our work, it has to start with ourselves first. One of our biggest lessons in life is learning how to fully accept and love ourselves. When you are truly in sync with our own unique beauty you can genuinely recognise the love you deserve to know what love to give.

With Covid19 we are at a time when we are being forced to slow down, what better time to look deeper at ourselves? I have developed a method called SATO which I believe can be a useful guide to bringing us more alignment and incorporate that secret ingredient to our lives.

SATO Method

-Speak kind words.

Practice morning Mantras and daily affirmations. Bring good attention to yourself. Thoughts and words are powerful which set the precedent for the day.

Keep track of what you are grateful for and note down it in a journal; what your strengths are/what you like about yourself?

-Acts of love.

Regularly workout/Eat healthy/sleepwell your body is a temple and needs to be revitalised and nurtured.

Give yourself TLC so you feel like that beautiful person that you are

-Treat yourself

Gift yourself with experience- Tick something of the bucket list

Gift yourself with knowledge- Read, learn something new, travel

-One on one time with you

Meditation- Make time for daily mindfulness practices such as meditation to help you connect with your highest self.

Make time for personal projects and hobbies. Give yourself time to really enjoy the moment of life.

By making the choice to incorporate the SATO method daily you are making the choice to put your well-being first. Self-love is a key ingredient for our mental health and well-being. The more self-love you have for yourself, the better prepared you are for work and personal challenges. I am going to be honest, self-love isn't an overnight change or doing the SATO method once a month, it is a process. Initially taking more time to understand and engage with ourselves. Uncomfortable boundaries will be challenged at the start, opening up to yourself in a way that might be unfamiliar for you. I promise it is a rewarding challenge. The more you practice the more you will flourish; happiness, confidence and your perspective on how to handle the demands of TV becomes different because you have discovered the secret ingredient to the work balance.

If you are looking for more positive post, self-help and honest advice to guide you to more happiness in life please head over to my newly launched Instagram @trueeessence and my website.

Yours Truly,

True Essence



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